Charline van Norden

Vet nurse

Charline van Norden
Charline van Norden Vet nurse

In 2013 Charline van Norden started as an intern in our veterinary practice.

She actually wants to become a vet, but unfortunately she was not selected for the study. In 2013, she obtained a university bachelor's degree in Biomedical Sciences. The dream of working with animals remained and therefore she started study for vet nurse 2013 which she successfully completed in May 2015. She hopes that the lottery for veterinary medicine will be abolished in a few years so that she can still become a veterinarian.

For Charline, the welfare of the animal comes first. There is nothing she likes better than to see the animal and its owner brighten up after proper treatment.

Charline has grown up with cats since childhood and since a few years she is the proud owner of Bentley and Daisy.