Emergency Care

In case of emergency

Please call 020 - 670 12 18 in case of an emergency during opening hours. Outside of opening hours, please contact: 


Evidensia Animal Hospital Amsterdam
Telephone: 020 - 308 07 50
De Heining 10
1161 PA Zwanenburg


When pet transport is needed, please contact:

Amsterdam Animal Ambulance
Telephone: 020 - 626 21 21

What is an emergency?

If your pet:

  • Bleeds
  • Has shortness of breath
  • Cannot walk or does not put weight on a leg at all
  • Has been hit by a car
  • Fell out of a window or off a roof
  • Is unconscious or very lethargic
  • Has a seizure (epilepsy) or faints
  • Vomits repeatedly or tries to vomit
  • Has a swollen abdomen or big belly
  • Has severe diarrhoea (with blood)
  • Has eaten poison
  • Has eaten something dangerous
  • Is pressing heavily for more than half an hour during labour
  • Has eye damage or cannot or will not open an eye
  • Has difficulty or inability to urinate
  • A rabbit or guinea pig does not eat
  • A wound and/or maggots in a rabbit

When in doubt please call for consultation, so that we can assess the severity of the condition for you.