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Our rates

  • Consultations and small treatments
  • Vaccinations
  • Spaying / neutering
  • Basic dental treatments

Consultations and small treatments

Consultation €48,50
Consultation rabbit/rodent €34,00
Nail clipping €11,50
Chipping with registration €41,60


Dogs and cats always get vaccinated in combination with our consultation rate of €48,50. Consultation of a second animal during same visit €38,50. 

Dog (consultation excluded)

Nobivac DHP + L4 (big cocktail) €20,13
Nobivac L4 (small cocktail) €20,13
Nobivac KC (kennel cough) €36,27
Nobivac Rabies €31,46


Cat (consultation excluded)

Nobivac Tricat (feline distemper + cat flu) €21,39
Nobivac Ducat (cat flu) €21,39
Nobivac Rabies €31,46
Nobivac Bb (Bordetella) €24,54


Rabbit (consultation included)

Nobivac Myxo + RHD  €45,00

Spaying / neutering

All prices include analgesia and apply to operations without complications. Prices do not include medical cap shirt/collar or additional medication if required.


Spaying male  Small (up to 5 kg) €218,78
  Big (50 kg) €426,06
Neutering female  Small (up to 5 kg) €391,71
  Big (50 kg) €613,36
Medical Pet Shirt dog from €22,83



Spaying male  €91,24
Neutering female  €167,54
Medical Pet Shirt cat €22,83



Spaying male €128,29
Neutering female €243,49
Medical Pet Shirt rabbit €22,83

Basic dental treatments

Prices include anaesthesia and cleaning. Excluded are costs for possible extraction and additional medication.

Please note that we do not have dental X-ray facilities, so we only do basic dentistry. For pets seven years of age or older, we recommend a pre-anesthetic blood test prior to anaesthesia.


Dental treatment Small (up to 5 kg) €188,80
  Big (50 kg) €261,60
Pre-anaesthetic blood work   €72,97



Dental treatment €188,80
Pre-anaesthetic blood work €72,97